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Geriatric Care

A Geriatrics Doctor Taking the Temperature of an Elderly Man for Geriatric Care.

At Volusia Medical Center, we know how important it is to meet the special healthcare needs of seniors. That's why our Geriatric Care service is all about giving older adults thorough and caring support. We're here to help seniors stay healthy and happy as they get older. Our team focuses on preventing problems, managing long-term conditions, and helping seniors stay independent. We're dedicated to keeping our senior patients healthy and feeling their best.

A Geriatrics Doctor Taking the Temperature of an Elderly Man for Geriatric Care.

What is Geriatric Care?

Geriatric care looks after the health and happiness of older adults, usually those aged 65 and up. As people get older, they might deal with things like chronic conditions, mobility issues, cognitive decline, and social isolation. Geriatric care helps with these special needs, giving personalized, all-around care to help older people stay healthy and enjoy life as they age.


Our Approach to Geriatric Care

At Volusia Medical Center, we focus on giving older adults the care they need with respect and understanding. Our team works together to create personalized care plans for each senior patient. This team includes doctors, nurses, therapists, and other experts who come together to meet all aspects of a senior's health needs. We respect each person's dignity and independence, making sure they get the right care for them.

Services We Offer for Geriatric Care

1. Comprehensive Geriatric Assessments

We do thorough check-ups to see how seniors are doing overall. We look at their health, how well they can do things, how they think, what they eat, and who they have for support. This helps us find any problems and make a plan to help them feel better.

2. Preventive Care

We focus on keeping seniors healthy and active as they get older. This means regular check-ups, immunizations, wellness exams, and teaching about health to stop problems before they start.

3. Chronic Disease Management

A lot of older adults have ongoing health issues that need regular attention. Our team is experts in handling conditions like diabetes, high blood pressure, heart problems, arthritis, weak bones, and memory loss. We work to help seniors live well with these conditions and prevent complications.

4. Medication Management

We help seniors handle their medications safely and correctly. Our team checks their medicines, talks about any changes, and explains how to take them. We also help manage any side effects and make sure the medicines work well together.

5. Fall Prevention

Falls are a big concern for older adults and can cause serious injuries. We check for fall risks, look at how safe their home is, and teach exercises to improve balance. We also share tips on reducing their fall risk to help seniors stay safe and independent.

6. Memory Care

Many seniors worry about memory loss and dementia. We offer tests to check memory, find problems early, and help manage memory issues. We also help caregivers understand how to support seniors with memory problems.

7. Nutritional Counseling

Eating right is important as we get older. Our dietitians give personal advice and tips to help seniors choose healthy foods, manage health problems, and maintain a healthy weight.

8. Social Support Services

Social isolation and loneliness can have negative impacts on seniors' health and well-being. We offer social support services, including referrals to community resources, support groups, and senior centers, to help seniors stay connected, engaged, and socially active.

Why Choose Us for Geriatric Care?

  • Expertise and Experience: Our healthcare team knows a lot about caring for older adults. They've been helping seniors for a long time and have learned a lot along the way. They're really good at giving seniors the special care they need.

  • Comprehensive Care: We offer many different services to help seniors with all their needs. Whether it's keeping them healthy, managing long-term illnesses, helping with memory problems, or providing support and companionship, we take care of everything to make sure seniors stay healthy and happy.

  • Person-Centered Approach: At Volusia Medical Center, we focus on what each senior patient wants and needs. We make sure that every part of their care is personalized to them, so they feel in control and respected.

  • Continuity of Care: We aim to form lasting bonds with our senior patients based on trust and ongoing support. Our dedication to providing continuous care means seniors can rely on us for the help they need to stay independent and age well.

  • Compassionate Care: Compassion is at the heart of everything we do. Our team is committed to offering gentle, tailored care in a comforting and caring setting. We understand the challenges and concerns that seniors may face as they age, and we strive to provide comfort, understanding, and encouragement every step of the way.

  • Convenience: We know that finding your way through healthcare can be tough, especially for seniors. That's why we make it simple with easy appointment scheduling, longer office hours, and appointments available on the same day for urgent matters. Our goal is to make sure seniors can get the care they need when they need it, making their health a priority without any extra hassle or trouble.

  • Community Involvement: We're fully involved in our community, dedicated to making things better for our neighbors' health and happiness. We reach out through community programs, health education efforts, and teaming up with local groups to help seniors live better lives in our area.

  • Patient Education and Empowerment: We're all about giving our senior patients the education and support they need to stay in charge of their health. We make sure seniors know what's up with their health, give them the tools to make good choices, and help them reach their health goals.

If you or a loved one are in need of geriatric care services, we invite you to schedule a consultation with our experienced team at Volusia Medical Center. Our team is ready to help you stay healthy and happy as you get older. Contact us today to find out more about how we can support you and your loved ones.


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