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Psychiatric Disorders

A Woman in a White Shirt is Showing Signs of Psychiatric Disorders.

Psychiatric disorders can cast a shadow over one's life, affecting not just the person but also their relationships and how they feel overall. At Volusia Medical Center, we know how tough it can be for people with mental health issues, and we're here to help. Our caring and thorough mental health services aim to offer support, guidance, and effective treatments to help people regain control of their lives.

A Woman in a White Shirt is Showing Signs of Psychiatric Disorders.

What are Psychiatric Disorders?

Psychiatric disorders include many different mental health conditions that affect how we think, feel, and act. They range from feeling really down (like depression) to being very anxious, or even having trouble telling what's real and what's not (like with psychotic disorders). It's important to manage and treat these conditions well so people affected by them can have a better quality of life.


Our Approach to Psychiatric Disorders

At Volusia Medical Center, we focus on giving thorough, science-backed treatments that fit each person's needs. We think about mental health in a broad way, not just treating symptoms but also looking at what might be causing them. Our team works closely with patients to create personalized treatment plans. These plans might include things like medication management, psychotherapy, making lifestyle changes, and getting support from others.

Services We Offer for Psychiatric Disorders

1. Comprehensive Psychiatric Evaluations

We do complete checkups to understand psychiatric symptoms, find out specific disorders, and create personalized treatment plans.

2. Medication Management

Our psychiatrists prescribe and keep track of psychiatric medicines to ease symptoms and improve treatment results. We take into account things like how well the medicine works, any side effects, and what the patient prefers.

3. Psychotherapy

We provide different kinds of talk therapy, like cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), dialectical behavior therapy (DBT), interpersonal therapy, and mindfulness-based practices. These chats help patients understand themselves better, learn how to cope, and build emotional strength.

4. Group Therapy

We organize group meetings where patients with similar struggles can come together, talk about their experiences, and support each other in a friendly setting.

5. Family Therapy

We understand how families play a big role in mental health care. Our therapists help families communicate better, solve problems, and build stronger bonds.

6. Crisis Intervention

Our team offers quick and caring support for people going through tough times, like serious emotional distress, thoughts of suicide, or other urgent mental health issues.

7. Substance Use Disorder Treatment

We provide treatment for both mental health and substance use issues together, helping people dealing with addiction and other mental health challenges at the same time.

8. Psychoeducation

We offer information and support to help patients and their families learn more about psychiatric disorders, treatment choices, and ways to take care of themselves.

Why Choose Us for Psychiatric Disorder Services?

  • Expertise: Our group of psychiatrists, therapists, nurses, and support staff are well-trained and have lots of experience in identifying and treating psychiatric disorders of all ages.

  • Compassionate Care: We treat each patient with empathy, respect, and dignity, recognizing their inherent worth and unique strengths.

  • Personalized Treatment: We adjust our treatments to meet each person's unique needs, desires, and objectives, promoting a cooperative and empowering therapeutic connection.

  • Holistic Approach: We take into account all aspects of a person's life in our treatment approach, including physical, mental, social, and spiritual aspects of health and well-being.

  • Accessible Services: We work hard to ensure that mental health care is within reach for everyone, no matter their background, financial situation, or insurance coverage.

  • Continuum of Care: We provide a range of services that cover everything from regular outpatient appointments to more intensive treatment programs. Our goal is to ensure smooth transitions between these services and to offer ongoing support throughout the treatment journey.

If you or someone you know is dealing with mental health issues, remember you're not alone. Contact us today at Volusia Medical Center to set up a meeting with one of our experienced mental health experts. We'll work together to create a plan that's just right for you, so you can feel better and live a happier life.


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